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Here's more rubbish.

Something new: the tspec/tplay/making/watching tetrinet recordings page.

Right now you can find the old quotes page here, as well as the old strats page and spin's cheater guide. More stuff coming up soon, like a totally new strats page... blahblahblahblahblahblahblah.

And now.... for something completely mundane and boring... the #plibble and related channels Quotes Page!

Flirt101 - so this is what they do in Dalnet.
The seduction of Bluecoder (incidentally, Bluecoder later came across this link. I'm told he was amused)
Random snippets from #plibble - are YOU famous? Click the link to find out!

See, how he dances with the grace - a mighty grace - of a thousand ants who traipse lightly through flowing resin; he floats above the multitudinous multitude of pulchritudinous pulchritude, gyrating impressively in the stale and pointless air. Watch! he spins, twirls, rotates, twists and inveigles - he is no ordinary man. Listen! This psychomancer catches sunlight with ease, plays squash with a solar flare, ameliorates the world of ginger hair and, ultimately, succumbs to care. For he is ekn, and he brings us words you never knew were there.

And this is his quotes page.

If you want to submit other amusing quotes for this collection, -paste- them in here.