peons and scrubs

Our members, aren't they beautiful?

Current lineup:

- theGimp - Rei - lax - Zoomer - Revolver - Danny - Eraser - MonkeeMan - Wolf - Ling - insanos - mesmereyes - Brandon - logix - Taka - Blitz - Jae - jett -

is a small blob of nosepowder.
Coming right up: Shishio Makoto's Merry Juppongatana

Michelle is 20, and a sexy Canadian babe as you can tell by this picture. She has nothing else to say besides "I love this team!! hehe. ^_~"
If rei were a Kenshin character, she would be Kaoru. Spazz, unspazz, spazz, unspazz, bully Zoomer...

Anthony is 20, resides in Boston and can be found saying; "it's not really called nightplibble is it? i am quitting if it is".
lax would be Kamatari.

Stephen is 20 and from Toronto. On the subject of plibble he would like the world to know:

"Umm hi I'm in this err team thing, cuz some loser suckered me in. :)"

Zoomer, the offensive pacifist, would be Kenshin.

Emery was some age on April 30 1999 AD. Now that he's legal, here's a message from him: "I'm a young sexy whore, come use me as your plaything!"
Rev would be Saizuchi...

Ed is 22, pollutes NYC with his presence and breaks from tnet only to go "pimping my revolver all over town". Bug(ger) him via ICQ on 968000.
...and Rase his Fuji.

Danny is 16 (and no one quite believes he finally moved up a year) and scrubs around in "a nowhere town called Ft. Lauderdale which is in plantation which is Broward County which is in the complex of Fountain Springs =)". That whole thing is somewhere in Florida, apparently. Danny doesn't have a homepage, and would like you all to "go away =)". This is what he looks like. Danny is also founding member of the pompano posse (see logix).
Danny would be Yahiko.

Monkee is 36, lives near lax and goes to church every Sunday. Lack of attendance means passionate self-flagellation, for he is a God-fearing man ...but just can't bring himself to break that booze addiction.

The somewhat enigmatic Danny is 17, lives in Arizona USA and eats sheep for dinner.
Danny would be Iori since he can't speak properly either. Gojaruuu!

Ling resides in Malaysia and is currently completely obsessed with Brood War. (:

Mr the happy flea
...hey, flea, what the heck should I put up here? Give me your info!

Kim, a dazzling Virgo with hypnotic orbs and long, slender legs that take up most of her elegant five foot seven frame. Book now!
Kim would be Megumi.

He hasn't given me his info yet. But he would be Sanosuke.

Part of the pompano posse (see danny2000 for the other part).
logywogy would be Saitoh, for sitting around smirking and pissing everyone off.




jett is 19, in tip top tfast shape... Want to join his fan club? Talk to Zoomer!

You may go away now.