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-new stuff-

27th March 2003

shameless plug for my other website.

7 march 2003

the plibble tfast server is now back up at plibble.tetrinet.org courtesy of slummy. It's been back up for a while, but I'm lazy when it comes to updating this page.


Oh MY.

a few days after that

updated the peons section.

err... dunno. some time at the end of march.

new msgboard in the communicate section.

first day of the year

put up the tspec page. Go there for information on spectating/recording/playing back tetrinet/tetrifast games. I'm also happy to host recordings here if anyone's interested.
Oh, and have a happy new year. Soon to come: tetrifast/downstacking strategy pages. Cross your fingers!
I'd like to see more people getting into tetrifast, but I have the feeling tetrifast is somewhat daunting for those who haven't tried it before. It seems impossible to play fast at first, but people quit too soon. It doesn't take that long to get fast. Give tetrifast a shot! How's that for encouragement.. lala

last day of the year

rudimentary tfast server back up at plibble.com. got pissed with downstack's constant/insane lag. it's total pure at the moment, and very simple, but whatever. all welcome!
updated a bunch of links.

4 days from Christmas, 2001

I know you're reading this! Here's a question: why do you play Tetrinet, Tetrifast, Quadra, or any other ultimately time-wasting non-profitable games? Post your thoughts on the messageboard, and put Blitz's mind to ease.
All input welcomed.

Late Mid July 2001

I love Last Blade II, but really...

Mid July 2001

Last Saturday of June 2001

... yo, sup? mez has a stalker.

20 May 2001


23 April 2001

After months of dawdling, the heroic gimp has finally recovered plibble.com. It should be only 3 more years or so before we're listed on Google again.

gimp says: "I rule"

18 March 2001

I bet everyone wants to know how our "streetgear" venture is faring. Well, so far we've received a grand total of one order, placed by Nexx, who attempted to purchase a long sleeve T-shirt. Nexx is currently under investigation for fraud. Way to go, big guy! (:

gimp says: "Nexx rules"

23 October 2000

Central London is ridiculously hard to find parking in. We drove around yesterday for about thirty minutes looking for a frigging parking space. Then we gave up. You know what I think? I think we should form car-pushing squads. Wait for someone to park, then push their car out into the middle of the road and steal their space. I mean, you could even make a business out of this - push lots of cars out of their spaces and let word spread that there's a syndicate going around pushing cars, and then start charging people protection money to forestall the likelihood of their cars being pushed while collecting money from people who want you to push cars for them. Either way, you win. Fear the car-pushing mafia.

But here's the real stuff. More flash. It's prettier than the old flash, although lax missed out a lot of names in the shout-outs cos he's a pothead.

23 September 2000
Check out logix's guide to godspeed in tetrifast.

22 September 2000
Musings now includes a database of strategies which isn't highly populated at the moment, but should be filling up soon. Take a look. Hopefully you'll be able to see the winlist for total points sometime this year.

21 September 2000
I told you dancing people were coming. (see oldstuff)

Here they are.
Page layout and design by rev (who did all the badass htmlising) and gimp (who forced the small people to pose for the camera). ------- and html updated by ekn for compliancy and the benefit of all mankind.

Everything's pretty much the same except that I've lumped lots of stuff into the stuff link, finally moved the old news off the index page and generally updated everything somewhat. I shoved the message board and guestbook links into the communicate section. Well go get lost or something!

-old stuff-


Okay.. plibble was started on the 29th of April 1999 AD.

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