we are plibble, fear our roar.

-old stuff-

plibble STREETGEAR! BE COOL! CLICK HERE! (we're not making any profit off this. keep checking back, new shirts will be added!)

-older stuff-

So what the hell was plibble?

Plibble was a tetrinet clan. I really can't picture anyone coming here without knowing what that is, but if you for some reason blundered into this url and are feeling totally out of place, know that tetrinet is a game (version 1.13).
Although we were first and foremost a Tetrinet clan (ahem), little plibblites spent their time playing other games too! (No, we didn't eat or sleep or mow the lawn, we just used catheters all day long.) We used to be busy playing Pong ...also known as Starcraft: Brood War, T2net, and whatever junk someone decided to pull out of the magic hat. And we liked Rurouni Kenshin.

What sort of stupid name is that? It doesn't mean anything.
All tnet clans have stupid meaningless names. We're just not in denial.

Who's in plibble?
These people, I guess.

I suck really badly. How can I get better?
Check our strats and see if you can find anything that helps you.

I'm in love already! How do I join?
Unfortunately plibble is not taking any further applicants. Try the other clans listed on our links page.

I tried playing on your server and everyone is going twice as fast as me and I'm getting my ass kicked. What's going on?
You suck! Just kidding... plibble.com is in fact a tetrifast server. What's tetrifast you ask? Tetrifast is the same as tetrinet, except that there's no delay between blocks. Wanna play plain ol' tetrinet? Try tetrinet.org.

Ok I wanna download the game and start wooping ass. Where can I get it?
Everything you need is on our booty page.

I wanna talk trash about you guys. Where's the best place to do that?
You can talk shit about us on our shiny new spam board. Enjoy!

Gimme the tetrifast server sourcecode!
You can pay us lots of money. Disgusting amounts of money. More money than Bill Gates spent on his underpants last year. We'll consider giving you the sourcecode. Ultimately, we won't. Don't ask and we won't refuse.

I want to worship at your feet. Where is your altar?

Plibble can be found mooching around in #plibble (oddly enough) on US EFNet (IRC). (You don't know what IRC is? There is no hope.) We are in the main a nice friendly bunch of people - yeah right. We are bastards who will kickban you on sight, so feel free to drop on by!

I want to donate money/bodily organs/sperm.

Sorry, but plibble is not a registered charity.

You guys suck. Where can I kick your sorry asses?

Don't send challenges via email (you think I actually read any of it?); come find us in our channel on EFNet (see above).

See what the people are saying about us!

<•[HF]P®ó†óX2•™> gimpie you really made a super clan in a few days :) you know hhehe

<HF-YBshy> Bugman- plibble, rank : 4th - 8/0 - 100% - +8
<HF-YBshy> beware all

<SuPaStAr> who are all those people in your team?? [Guess you can't win them all]

<S|imShady> Who is plibble here?
<S|imShady> how the hell did they beat HF?

<SilentSli> damn who is in ur team
<SilentSli> shup wid all dis good players in it

<flare`> anyone in here except plibble wanna 1v1 or 2v2? [See what I was talking about?]