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21 September 2000
haha, so much for weekly updates. I decided I had better things to do with my summer. Then I fell asleep. I woke up. It was September. A cold, blustery sort of day. The birds were losing their feathers in a haze of hazery. They weren't talking to me. We went to the park. Bob and Rob played football. A kid fell down. He broke his nose.
What was that for, hear I the little voices cry? The lights are dimmed! The mood is set! The audience demands the popcorn fat! For here is something incredibly pointless. [Content removed] Look out for plibble.tv, plibble.nl, plibble.za, plibble.no, plibble.it, wow the list just goes on and on. Today the website, tomorrow the world!
Coming very soon - the small dancing men. That's right, some poor scrub will be completely revamping the plibble.com pages, and there will be dancing men! You know you want them! Dancing men are cool! Blah blah blah blah dancing men! o k bye. Oh look, we got 10000 suckers to load this page. How?

4 July 2000
RE: bans on plibble.com
From now on, any requests for unbanning from plibble.com will not be considered without prior payment of at least 10 US dollars due to extensive administrative costs. Please co-operate.

I'm renovating. I'm lazy. This will probably take a few years. Weekly updates may be implemented. Or.. they might not.

19? June 2000
junk page - one very belated addition. i'm scared. two words... clan rap!

what day is it? i don't care. i have no clue. flash.

14 May 2000
After long and arduous leaps in the field of tetrinet technology, plibble.com has become the first tetrifast server.

April the Eleventh is a Tuesday
Flowers for ekn.

Second day of the second week of the third month of the two thousandth year superseding the original year of the purported birth of the one and only messiah, in Him we do trust, hallelujah and Amen.
/find i "pointless"

27th Feb, Sun.
Uh... look. (Requires Java, bleh.)

9th Feb, Wed.
Counter is up (only took a few months), winlists for plibble.com are up, everything is great, so bye.

5th Feb, Sat.
Everyone give Slum a big hand of applause for resurrecting the domain you all thought had died and sponsoring plibble.com out of the goodwill of his heart! For it, I'm considering forcing someone to make a graphically smashing and pretty version of this page, we'll see how that goes...
Um, wow. Looks like we have a tnet server too, thanks to Slum again... plibble.com everybody, less lag since less people use it (:

3rd Dec, Friday:
The cheaters page is finally up and running, thanks to spin, and so is the guestbook. Be cool. Sign it. Stuff on the junk page now includes #plibble IRC stats, #plibble IRC web spycam doohickey, other crap.

some other day in Oct/Nov.
Wow, look at that awesome navigational bar up there. Just look at it. Isn't it the apex of html coding? Quotes, strats and some pointers to help you figure out who's cheating and who isn't (hint - we aren't) have been added. I think I'm going to look for a counter so I can keep track of the number of times I reload this page.
Thanks to Slum for plibble.siamcity.com.
Tspec, etc. should be up as soon as I finish writing their readmes (damn you ekn!). blarrrg.

umm... sometime in October/November.
Right. I updated the pages somewhat, and added a new section - (fanfare here) THE T2NET SECTION! Cower and shake, T2net is here. I'm amazed that people are actually beginning to play T2net now. There's even a T2net ladder on Case's, with ever so many people signed up on it.

6th July, Wednesday: <---- TUESDAY. poor old ekn has been tormented by the wrong day for over six months.
Well, we decided to sign up again on the Unet league as Crayola since no one would play us as plibble. Bastards. Anyway we might as well not have bothered, since no one will play us ...I sense a pattern here.

26th May, Wednesday:
Well we have more or less forgotten about the Unet league, having reached no. 1 ages ago, but we'll be springing back soon, fear not. Meanwhile, plibble members are participating in Case's tourneys. Here's today's result: overall winner - Zoomer.

29th April 1999:
We've just climbed from unranked to 4th place in less than 48 hours on the unet teams league, having just played a succession of three nailbiting games against the current number ones, HELLFIRE. Good games, guys. Watch this spot, we'll be up there in no time!


Here we are on the undernet team league page. (Actually we aren't on the unet league anymore and haven't been ever since we got bored of it, but we might go back on it and I'm just too lazy to twink this link off.)

Links, themes and assorted rubbish.

All complaints to: theGimp, your friendly HTML editor. Yeah it sucks, but hey, it loads fast and I bet you didn't come here to get bogged down in frames/java. Plus it loads in netscape 1.1N.

^-- So I lied.


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