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Revolutionising tetrinet

Tetrinet by StormCat, mod by slum

Download the client, place it in your tetrinet directory and load it.

Tetrifast is a modified version of Tetrinet that has no delay between pieces. In other words, it's a lot like T2net, with less bugs, and it's much easier to get used to. That's about all there is to say about that, just get it and connect to plibble.com for games. (It can also be used as a private server (ie standard built-in Tetrinet server).
Tetrifast will -not- work on non-tetrifast servers.

Well, this is what a small cork nut from plibble has to say about tetrifast:

Ishmael's Tetrifast FAQ

What is TetriFast?
TetriFast is a modified TetriNET binary in which the piece drop delay has been changed from one second to one millisecond. This means that after each piece drop you don't have to wait for the next piece to show up, and it allows games to be played much faster.
Where can I get TetriFast?
The "official" download location is here.
What should I do with tetrifast.exe?
Place it in your TetriNET directory. TetriFast uses TetriNET's data files. If you don't have TetriNET, download it here.
Where can I find servers to play on?
Plibble.com is testing a multichannel TetriFast server. It is currently backward compatible with regular TetriNET, but this support may be phased out shortly. You can also start a server and play with up to 5 other friends.
How is TetriFast different from TetriNET?
In addition to the delay reduction mentioned above, several things were changed in TetriFast to make it incompatible with regular TetriNET, and the TetriFast executable has been compressed, resulting in smaller download times.
Who made TetriFast?
dds made the changes to St0rmcat's original TetriNET that produced TetriFast. However, there are very few differences between TetriFast and TetriNET, so it would be inaccurate to say that dds made TetriFast.
Are there any disadvantages to using TetriFast?
Yes. Reduced delay means more traffic for everyone and ultimately more lag.