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Recording and playing back games

Here's what you need.

Tspec for normal TetriNET games (v.1.13.1409)

TspecX for TetriFAST games

Themes for the above - unzip and put in the same directory as the above
msvbvm50.dll This needs to go in windows\system - if you don't have it, extract it there
Other dependencies - you may also need these
Tplayer - for playing back recordings made with Tspec
Page for most of the above, plus other information including a brief overview of the basics

Tspec was designed for use with Tserv, Tetrix and JTS. It won't work with the standard client/server.


I'll use TspecX in this demo, but the same principle applies to Tspec if you're playing on a TetriNET server.
Connect to plibble.com's TetriFAST server by going to the client settings screen
Select the partyline and change channels as you normally would in tetrinet (/join #pure, etc).


Download this example .rec file

and put it in the directory where you put TspecX/Tplayer (so that you don't have to enter the directory path, just the filename. of course, it's entirely up to you how you organise your files).
Open Tplayer and enter the name of the file you want to play back (image)
With TspecX (or Tspec), connect to yourself ( (image) Password and nick irrelevant
Press play, or fast forward if you want to skip forth. The recording will play in Tspec/X. If you get a "type mismatch" error your rec file is probably invalid or corrupt.


Connect to a server that supports Tspec/X.
Click the Open File for Recording button in the client settings screen. Enter a filename. In the partyline, check the Recording option. (image)
This begins the recording; to end it, uncheck the Recording box. Close the file in the client settings screen.

There are some old tnet recordings here (don't forget to use Tspec, not TspecX).
If you have any recordings you want to display, drop me an email at sidewise@go.com and I'lll host them here.

Tspec/TspecX/Tplay by the mighty starfish man, ekn.