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T2net by XunK

Now that tetrifast is out, I doubt anyone is going to use t2net anymore, but since I spent a while writing this page I suppose I might as well leave it up for reference. Who knows, maybe a small, desperate band of t2netters exists out there, struggling against the rising tide of tetrifast violence that threatens to take over the world and so... Yes, yes, the real truth is I'm too lazy to take the link off.

Okay, let's get started.

If you're swanning around looking lost at the mention of "t2net", here's a good place to start; download the game (version 4.15, 480k). While you're doing that, you can read the rest of this section.

- T2net is a game very much akin to Tetrinet, with several differences. You can resize your playing field and those of your opponents', as will become apparent when you load the game. If you know how to operate Windows, you should have no problem figuring out how to move things around/arrange your fields into pretty patterns etc. etc.. If you don't know how Windows works, kudos to you but that's just too bad, you can figure it out your own damn self. Also, read the readme included with the game - available under "Help - Help Topics". YES, READ THE README SO THAT WE DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER STUPID QUESTIONS.

- Probably the second thing you are going to notice about t2net is the brazen speed. SPEED! SPEED, SPEED, SPEED. This is why we persevere with this game even though it's as buggy as hell (more on that later). It takes a bit (ok, a lot) of getting used to, but we reckon it's worth it. Blaze your way into new dimensions of possibility with the power of T2net! Drop those pieces until your fingers are bloody stubs of gore - then load Tetrinet and scream in agony as the blocks drag themselves sluggishly across your board. There is no going back!

- Bots, or algos are a unique feature of T2net. The default algos provided aren't very intelligent, so anyone who fancies themselves a god of algorithm coding and has made some decent ones (particularly pure algos!), send them to me. To counteract the intrinsic stupidity of the algos, adjust their speed - the lower the ms count the harder the bot is to beat. Bots have quaint little habits such as the suicide move (they kill themselves and give you a free win), the "I'll stop playing now that I'm 5 lines from the top of the field" manoeuvre, the "Normally, I don't make tetrises which is why you've had to set my speed to 0 ms but HEY, look! three tetrises in a row, die" trick and other filthy quirks which include picking their noses in public and lunching on toejam. VSA is pretty much useless, Sparring Partner can give you a decent run for your money if you adjust the speed accordingly. Psst, Left and Right Player are not bots, you control them - so if you're the violent sort, get an opponent and play them using the same machine, and have a big stick to hand for when you lose.

- The transfer server option is pretty nifty, too. Using a shitty dialup? Only have one phone line? Someone has to use the phone while people are playing games on your server? No problem! Assuming you do not have a vicious streak the size of Alaska, you can instead be even More Evil, and transfer all the players to one of the clients connected to you! (assuming that they can serve in the first place.)

There are of course a bunch of other features in the game, but if you are a wise grasshopper and take it upon yourself to peruse readme.txt, you will come to understand T2net as a true master does, and probably end up knowing more about the game than I do, since I haven't read the readme myself (:

- Oh yeah, and people don't seem to have bothered making cheats\trainers for T2net yet, although that will probably change not before long. blah.

Someone play t2net with me! ...please?

I guess you're in luck. T2net has of recent times come into fashion with the Tetrinet playing masses. There's even a ladder on Case's for it. To get games, try #plibble, #t2net and #tetrinet-ladder on USEFNet (IRC). #t2netleague is apparently the official ladder channel although no-one uses it.

T2net bugs and quirks

- In t2net, blocks placed at the side (a la tower formation - you know, especially with s's and z's, love them bricks) which touch the top just go off the field and don't kill you. Basically, any area not used by appearing pieces is safe.
- This is the bane of sliders. If you're letting your pieces fall, and they're just about to become part of the stack when someone comes along and adds a line (or more) you're going to end up with a -really- lovely hole in your field. The next progression in this sequence is for you to yell "GOD~ DAMN~ BUG!!@!#!$#!$@!" loudly and vehemently (maybe even several times in rapid succession!) so that everyone knows you didn't lose because you fucked up, it was all T2net's fault.
- Falling pieces at the top of the field (a couple of lines from the absolute height) do Weird Things like eat holes out of your stack. This can be a good thing, or just a plain old nuisance.
- People disconnecting from the server in the middle of a game will cause everyone to end up in the chat window, so just press carriage return to get out of limbo and start moving your pieces again. Hopefully your drop key isn't set to return, because that could hurt (:
- Resizing your field during the game will cause "next piece" (if you have that option enabled) to vanish until you drop the current piece.
- Rotating a piece when it's pressed up against the edge of the board will result in its being pushed away from the edge by one or two columns, depending on the piece.
- Never double click the start game thing - your pieces will slowly fall and t2net won't respond to anything.
- Sometimes T2net decides to crash, because it can.
- Any others? I can't remember them all off the top of my head.

T2net themes

Duke 3D (239k)
Gaffy (488k, and really lurid colour scheme - hint, fields are predominantly lemon yellow.)
Ultima Online (1.5 meg)
Warcraft2 (742k)
theGimp's Tetrinet theme for T2net. (21k) Turn off grids in T2net, resize your field to get the grid on the bmp in the right position - it will be the same size as Tetrinet's main playing field if you're playing 12 by x, if not just fiddle with the thing.

Last time I checked (1 Nov 1999), all these links were working. If you find any errors or want your URL added, yell at me.